Giorgio Armani

      Giorgio Armani, who is he? Giorgio Armani, a renowned clothing designer who also owns restaurants and hotels, was born in Italy on July 11, 1934. When his men’s “power suits” frequently appeared on Miami Vice and in the 1980 movie American Gigolo, which starred Richard Gere in Armani’s trademark attire, his reputation in America skyrocketed. first fashion brand Armani left school after serving his time in the military and began working at the renowned Milanese department store La Rinascente. He then became a designer on Nino Cerruti’s crew. Sergio Galeotti, a friend of Armani’s, encouraged him to start designing for other businesses as a freelancer. In July 1975, Armani and Galeotti established Giorgio Armani S.p.A. as partners in business. This year saw the launch of the company’s first collection, a men’s clothing line. The next year, Armani debuted a collection for women that was well received. Her clothing was groundbreaking at the time because it used a soft c

Yohji Yamamoto

      Japanese fashion designer Yji Yamamoto, who was born in 1943, is well-known and has won numerous awards. He shares the title of master of ultramodern tailoring with Madelein Vionnet. The Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon, Commandeur of the Order of Arts and Letters, the Order of National Merit, the Master of Design Award, and the Royal Designer for Industry are the most prominent honors he has won for his services to the fashion industry. In Japan after the war, Yamamoto was raised by his mother, a self-employed clothier. He was born in Tokyo and graduated with a law degree from Kelo University in 1966. He continued his education by attending Bunka Fashion College to study fashion design. He worked out of his mother’s store for the following several years before launching his debut line, Y’s, in Tokyo in 1977. From Paris, he began his professional design career in 1981. The designer discussed his idea of dressing ladies in menswear in an interview with the New York